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Raised Foundation —
Stabilization & Underpinning

Raised Foundation Stabilization Repair
Raised Underpinning Repair Example

When the soils supporting your foundation system are not providing adequate support, underpinning the foundation system may be necessary. Underpinning usually refers to structurally reinforced concrete beams, pilings (pipe piles), columns (caissons) which are placed under your foundation system to provide adequate vertical or lateral support. Underpinning and other types of stabilization methods are used to mitigate fill settlement, expansive soil, and improperly compacted soil under the foundation.

Underpinning with Pipe Pile Repair Diagram

Pipe piles are used to gain vertical support in poor soils. Pilings are driven through the weak soil to reach competent soil for proper support. Piles are often used in areas with limited access for big equipment.

Raised Foundation  Unperpinning with Pipepiles Foundation Repair

Underpinning with Caissons Repair Diagram

Caissons are steel reinforced columns of concrete placed into pre drilled holes to gain vertical and horizontal support.

Raised Foundation Undperpinning with Caissons Foundation Repair

Underpinning with grade Beams Diagram

Underpinning using a grade beam is intended to support from below and significantly stiffen the weak area.

Raised Foundation Underpinning with grade Beams diagram

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